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pop will save the world.

an objective* list of the best things ever created by man.

best ever.

. radiohead. just.
. autechre. gantz graf.
. chemical brothers. star guitar.

fight club.
the best motion.picture ever.

. fight club.
. pulp fiction.
. starship troopers.

the best album ever.

. weezer. weezer.
. franz ferdinand. franz ferdinand.
. archive. londinium.

the perfect

. cake. commissioning a symphony in c.
. nine inch nails. closer.
. emf. unbelievable.

best artist ever.

. belle and sebastian.
. the white stripes.
. tocotronic.

best ever.

. bendis/maleev. daredevil.
. bendis/wood. hellspawn.

best tv.series ever.

. roseanne.
. wonder years.
. the simpsons.

les particules elementaires.
best novel ever.

. michel houellebecq. les particules elementaires.
. sven lager. phosphor.
. patrick süsskind. das parfum.
*there are already millions of charts for all topics imaginable. but they all have one fault. they are 'fucking subjective(tm)'. and therefore redundant. i didn't like that. so i decided to create a list not depending on opinion but on objective facts. this simple concept resulted in this unchallengeable compendium of the best things every created by man. so if you think there's something missing, please let me know. and if you think i made a mistake... you're plain wrong.

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